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Turning Technology Into Products

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2/2020 – E-nose testing proposed for COVID-19

E-nose to be evaluated for rapid screening of COVID-19 and novel emerging viruses.

12/2019 – E-nose discriminates lung cancer E-nose discriminates lung cancer with high sensitivity and specificity in a large study.

11/2018 – E-nose discriminates allergic rhinitis E-nose discriminates allergic rhinitis with and without extrinsic asthma.

9/2017 – E-nose: Powerful tool E-nose: Powerful tool in meat quality assessment

5/2015 – Sensigent Sponsors ISOEN 2015 ! Sensigent is sponsoring the 16th Intl. Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose, in Dijon, France June 28 - July 1

3/2015 - New Lung Cancer Research Paper Cyranose® identifies lung cancer amongst at-risk ex-smoker groups

9/2014 - Eur Resp Soc Meeting, Munich Numerous papers presented new research using the Cyranose® 320 for lung cancer, COPD and asthma screening

6/2014 - New PCNose+ software released Software includes state-of-art chemometric classification algorithms

5/2014 – Amer. Thoracic Soc. Mtg, USA Cyranose® 320 is featured in multiple research papers detecting lung cancer, asthma and COPD

4/2014 – Sensigent wins Coca Cola approval Technology for new bottled water contamination detector approved

2/2014 – The Gadget Man gets his Cyranose® Cyranose® 320 to be featured on UK “Gadget Man” TV series

12/2013 - Innovation Spotlight Cyranose® 320 used to evaluate grape ripeness to pinpoint harvest time

9/2013 - Eur Resp Soc Meeting,Spain Nine (9) papers present new research using the Cyranose® 320 for lung cancer, COPD and asthma screening

4/2013 - Xtreme Everest Cyranose® 320 used to study hypoxia on Mt. Everest

11/2012 - Breath Summit Sensigent staff present talk at the 2012 International Breath Summit
Sensigent was formed to commercialize and market advanced technology products based on cutting edge research performed by some of the largest sensor and instrument companies and most respected academic institutions in the world. Our products are used in diverse industries including petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, packaging materials, plastics, pet food, pulp and paper, medical research, environmental monitoring and many more.

Our core competencies are in chemical sensing, radiological sensing, algorithm development including multi-sensor data fusion, and networked systems of sensors. In addition to sensors and instrumentation, we are experts in project and program management, sensor and systems integration, and engineering product development with an emphasis in low power digital design and wireless communication.

Our technologies are based on intellectual property developed by the California Institute of Technology, Smiths Group Plc and US government agencies, and supported by research grants and venture funding totaling over $60 million dollars. Our products are backed by advanced manufacturing technology and available world-wide with service and support to our customers achievements in medicine, industrial QA/QC, and security. The intellectual property incorporated in Sensigent products is protected by over 60 patents in the United States and worldwide for the sensor technology, detector products, and applications.

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