eNose Aqua and eNose QA

The eNose® Aqua is an OEM sensor designed specifically to sense contamination in refillable water bottles used in the Home Office Delivery (HOD) market segment of the over $60 billion dollar global bottled water industry. The eNose® Aqua utilizes advanced nanocomposite sensor technology and other proprietary sensors to provide low levels of detection (ppb to ppm) to a wide range of contaminants.

Detected contaminants include fuels, oils, solvents, cleaning products, flavors, additives, beverages, and miscellaneous residues and foreign materials that can affect water quality and water safety. The eNose® Aqua delivers consistent and reliable performance under harsh real world conditions and operates 24/7/365 in bottling plants throughout the world. Available with service and support worldwide, the eNose® Aqua is the premier contamination detector for the bottled water industry today.

The eNose® Aqua is easily integrated into a variety of production line equipment and has the power and flexibility to deliver the performance and operational savings you need. The intellectual property incorporated in the eNose® Aqua is protected by over 60 patents in the United States and worldwide for the sensor technology, detector products, and applications use.

The eNose® Aqua technology is also available in a handheld detector product, the eNose® QA, for portable sensing throughout the factory and throughout the entire process chain. The eNose® QA is used to confirm contamination in HOD bottles rejected from the bottling line by the eNose® Aqua. It is also used to inspect bottles before return for cleaning/refilling and to inspect filled bottles for odors or contamination before delivery. The eNose® QA is also used for leak detection of refrigerants, hydrocarbons and other gases.

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